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Have Retailers Got Their Freight Organised For Christmas?

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

It might feel premature to think about Christmas, but consumers are becoming more organised every year, and some have even started their festive shopping.

This is why retailers need to make sure they are ready for the Christmas season by involving the right freight services, packaging teams, and warehouse staff to ensure all online orders go without a hitch.

According to Retail Computer Solutions, customers prefer to not leave their Christmas shopping to the last minute anymore.

In fact, Yesmail Interactive revealed 69.8 per cent buy their gifts in September, October and November. As much as 13.8 per cent even start their Christmas shopping before the beginning of September.

That’s not to say December is a quiet month in retail though, as 19.4 per cent go shopping during the first half of the month, while just 3.8 per cent leave it till the latter part of the month to start shopping.

Many people find this strategy risky, particularly these days as a huge proportion of shopping is done online.

Therefore, customers need to account for the time it takes to deliver the goods and any possible delays in shipping.

That is why more are beginning to shop earlier, so they can be sure their presents arrive in time for them to wrap, and potentially post again.

As a result, retailers need to make plans for the busy shopping period. This could mean booking more freight services to account for a higher volume of orders.

They also need to make sure they have enough staff to package the goods, ample storage space to hold the items before they are shipped, and have strong returns logistics, as there could be many shoppers who change their minds about presents before Christmas Day.

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